Nice walk

I have been pushing back a gathering of blackberries for some time.  Today I went to go get some.  I was also interested in the Hawthorn tree.  Maddening enough, there are thousands of species of this plant.  But as far as I can tell there are two groups, one group has one large seed in the berry, the other group has multiple tiny seeds in the berries.  Some of the hawthorn trees’ berries have already turned dark purple and black, over ripe, while some of the trees’ berries have just started turning from yellow to red.  Some are bright red.  Among these different types I chose some that were bright red and had one large berry.  I forget the distinction, but I think that our native species in the U.S. has one berry… or is that the other way around.

I picked some blackberries, almost enough for a small pie.  I’ve not baked seriously since Houston and as I was picking the berries I had an urge to bake again.  Nothing fancy… just a pie or such… something to celebrate life with.  To have some black coffee (they are not coffee beans you use to make coffee… but coffee seeds) and a nice homemade berry pie with just simple ingredients… and lots of it.

I found a crow’s feather.  At the end of my walk in another part of the park I found another one.

While picking hawthorne out of the dozenth’ spot I looked at (checking out the berries and such) I saw in the tangled dry grass below (knee high) a long snake skin, maybe a foot long.  JOY!  I was very happy and I managed to get it in two main pieces (it was quite tangled in the grass) and store it away.  I recall this as a potent part of various spells in the past.  I have a small skin I found in Arkansas last year saved… but now I have two!

I also found a plant I’ve never seen before.  The flowers were in bunches of two.  One was small and ballish… the other was like a deep pitcher with a flap lid on top.  I watched as a small bee come and dip into one and fly away.  The bottoms of the flower were curled like the toes of elf shoes. 

A crab apple tree’s fruit has already come and gone, leaving sparse picking on the tree.  While picking the hawthorne I spied another apple type fruit hidden to the side.  It’s fruit was a 1/2 the size of golfballs and a rich yellow in color.  The looks of the color reminded me of a tomato in that it looks like it will burst from juice.  However, these were firm like apples and tasted like green apples, though not as sweet.  I brought one back to try and figure it out.

A good walk today.  The sky was gorgeous and deep rich blue.  Cotton ball clouds and wispy clouds floated in the stratosphere.


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