If I die

My great friend Eliza visited me a couple of days ago.  She asked if I was still going overseas on another deployment.  I said very likely.  She got to looking like there were tears in her eyes.  I was so angry from earlier in the night that I wasn’t able to fully engage with her at the time.  I appreciate her concern.  She knows that I had dreams, lucid or whatnot, of my dying while out on patrol with my guys, of fighting until the end and so on.  I told my sister about them and told her that if a headstone was created for me that I wanted a pentagam on it as the V.A. has finally approved its use. 

Well, on for more “if I die” goodies.  I read somewhere about a person who’s friends broke into the funeral home, stole his body, and buried him out at Joshua Tree National Monument (where he wanted).  I can’t remember if this is a movie or a book or a famous singer or what.  I dunno.  But my friends would do the same for me.  I hope that anyone who knows me, considers themselves my friend, would steal my own body, if there is anything left, and take me out someplace.  I don’t care if it is the city park or the wilderness, though to keep it secret the wilderness would probably be best.  No pine boxes, no metal boxes that don’t corrode… just wrap me up in a linen (organic cotton or something like that) and dig a hole and bury me there.  I want to fertilize the Earth and give back the elements that went into the creation of my body.  If you must have a funeral, fine, do so, but no need to have my body there.  Put up a picture or something.  Hire a rock band to play at it.  Serve lots of alcohol and for gods sake… laugh and tell jokes.  It is okay to cry and so on… but remember to laugh as well.  Instead of fancy flowers all over the place, take the money that would have been spent on the paper invitations and little memorials about whatever, take all that money and donate it to a cause.  I just recently joined yet another monthly charity, this one another children’s organization.  I’ve been with Save the Children for two years now and yesterday I joined Children International. So give money to them… or Greenpeace, Oregon Public Broadcasting, The Nature Conservancy, Circle of Life, World Wildlife Fund, OSPIRG, The Wilderness Society or pick another one that you like that is seeking to change the world for better.

That’s it.  If you want a memorial, pile a bunch of rocks ontop of the spot where you buried me as a cairn.  But I do not want to be in a cemetary.  I am opposed to the practice of cemetaries.  I do not need a cemetary to remember my past loved one.  I carry them in my heart.  Also, putting yet another non-biodegradable object in the Earth is dumb.  Our monuments to our loved ones should be our actions and intentions, not further pollution.

This wouldn’t be too popular with some of my family.  Therefore I hope my friends would know about this and have the gumption of stealing my body.  I’d steal theirs if they wanted me too.  Go ahead, print this out and present it to an angry family member.  If my family, or whoever is angry, sues… they never really loved and understood me.  There… I pulled the Trump card!


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