a witch alone

Page 165 of the book “Flow”…

The Conflict Betwen Being Alone and Being With Others:
Of the things that frighten us, the fear of being left out of the flow of human interaction is certainly one of th worst. …. In many preliterate cultures solitude is thought to be so intolerable that a person makes a great effort never to be alone: only witches and shamans feel comfortable spending time by themselves.  In many different human socieities – Australian Aborignies, Amish farmers, West Point cadets- the worst sanction the community can issue is shunning.  The peson ignored grows gradually depressed, and soon beings to doubt his orher very existence.

Interesting.  I have, as a bookmark in this book (among three books I brought with me to the coffeeshop) a picture of a campsite I had in the mountains near Eugene, Oregon.  I remember it being before the camping season had started, it was cold at night thought gorgeously brilliant and warm at day, and I watched the moon ride low over the ridge opposite a river nearby.  I made a circle out of coffee grounds.

It is this aspect of witchcraft that continues to draw me and, were I to write a book on the subject, I’d visit.  I grow weary, absolutely weary, with the extreme proliferation of witch books out there that, as much as they preach self reliance and choice through magick, actually do the opposite.  There is very little said or written about the negative affect of magick upon the psyche and there is only a casual glance given to the role of the witch or what the archetype of the witch is, and how, by enlivening that very complex healer of wounds, finder of love, eater of lost children, and seer of the future, we open up many complexities within us.  Not too mention that much of what I see, and hear from many others in convesation, seems like complete bullshit.

Oh no, I’ve done it now… I’ve called another’s beliefs bullshit.  Well, if I can be critical of Christians and Muslims I can certainly be critical of my own religion.

Question:  How could you differentiate between a witch who hears voices and sees a graveyard filled with spirits and a schizotypal/delusional person?  And, if able to, how could you differentiate between a witch and a delusional witch?  What would a one look like?  Say?  What social pressures are there in having had seen the paranormal or the like?  What delusions are we engaging in and accepting?

I could continue writing, but I’ve got loads of stuff to do.  Maybe later.


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