Hellfire Club


Ah, the Hellfire club.  Must have been quite fun!

I find this pretty interesting and wonder if there are not other things today that fill this need.  One must only look at Adult Video Stores and their business of video booths.  For those unable to get to the booths, or truckstops, or ‘cruise’ in parks, or unable to find their release in clubs (gay or straight or both) there are plenty of paid professionals ready, strip clubs, and more to assist.  There is a great amount of unseen energy about sex going about.  Just look at Craigslist for  all manner of sexually charged posts and solicitations. 

Our view of sex is off key.  The protestantism of our American past has warped our views of sex so that all sex is perverse.  There is, I personally believe, perverse sex (the infamous video “two girls and one cup” comes to mind) yet a great amount of what is shunned is, I truly believe, NOT perverse.  Sex between adults, one or two or three or fifty of them, male and female, female and female, male and male, and all sorts of combinations.

Have I any qualms with any of this sort?  Nope.  Knock yourself out.  Oh.. sorry… there is HIV and other STDs out there.  Oh, sorry.  Then I suppose I cannot get toether with my friends and go target shooting (no pun intended there) with our rifles, or go rock climbing, or hanggliding, or whatever because there is danger in it.  To say something is dangerous is not the same as to make a moral claim for it.  To think so is quite mistaken. 

Ah, and in time for Beltaine too.  Hmmm.

Are we, as pagans (or perhaps just me) too apologetic about our views toward sex so as not to alarm the Christian moralists who assume (assume is the key word here, for there is no proof either way) that theirs is the right way?  Who are we trying to convert?  We should be true to our own beliefs and if this means that a group of us want to have a grand orgy on Beltaine just for kicks, under the watchful guise of Priapus… then bring some gatorade, pack a blanket, and see you in the park!  Should those who undergo such activity contract STDs or such, then they are as blind in their ‘faith’ as those right-wing Christians who are criticized for letting their child remain sick  (and in some cases die) due to refusing medical treatment and ‘trusting in the Lord to heal’.  Same thing.  Blind faith is blind faith, whether it is Pagan or Christian or what.  Just because there isn’t a moral dimension to it (there are, but not as Christians would impose upon it) doesn’t mean one must just go about it willy nilly and without care or concern. 

Or… perhaps all of this is just the sap rising in my own root  due to Spring’s influence (pun intended).


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