being human

Who are those mirrors of light?  Who can mirror back to others the feelings and experiences that trouble and gladen their hearts, building connections and bridges with each smile and handshake?  Who can do this for others, for we all like to associate with those like ourselves, and yet also be a light unto the world?

My iPhone is playing music on random, all 1000 songs that are on it (8000 on my iPod) and songs come and go as I sit here doing homework for a test tomorrow.  Some songs are of deep, abiding happiness (contentment) and others are songs that are of sorrows past with memories of lying on the floor in a darkened room wishing beyond all wishes that someone (anyone) would knock on my apartment door.

What wonderful place I am at right now.  That I can listen to those melodies of the past that, should I come across them, would remind me of the dark behind the shadows, and would spiral me into sadness.  Distraction is a means of not dealing with what it is you must deal with. 

Strands of silver fall in the sky, framed by large windows of a coffee shop.  The leaves on the tree outside deepen in their color, it seems. 

There are floods, there are hurricanes, that destroy.  Yet there are rains that nourish.  The rain is necessary.

There is sorrow that destroy, and sadness that swamps our spirit.  But it is necessary.  We cherish what we know to be transient, what we know to be rare, what we know to be here now and maybe not tomorrow, and what we thought we’d never find but have discovered.  There is joy in the world.  Yet what is pure joy if coupled with knowledge of sorrow and loss?  What amazing chemistry occurs within our soul.  This is alchemy, this is the growing of soul to be of and in the world. 

May I cry a million more tears, and may they all travel down the wrinkles of a million more laughs.


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