letter to the editor

I had a rough day yesterday.  I feel better today.  I go to a coffee shop and sit down with a bottle of water, a coke in a glass bottle, and a mocha, and pick up the Letters to the Editor page of the paper. There is this…

Liberal policies imperil U.S.  

I read with trepidation the Supreme Court ruling concerning the military prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, that they have a right to seek their freedom before a federal judge (“Court rules for Guantanamo prisoners,” June 13).

Liberal elements in this country fail to see the peril that their “feel good” policies have on the very existence of this country. They fail to understand that the very people they would set free today would also be the ones to cut their liberal throats tomorrow, if they could.

Justice Antonin Scalia said it correctly when he wrote in dissent to this decision, “The nation will live to regret what the court has done today.”

If I were a combat soldier and in this war zone against current enemies, this decision would give me one mandate: I do not take prisoners anymore, no matter what.


So I cranked up my computer and sent inmy own letter to the editor….

Michael Pilkington, of Northeast Portland, was quick to say “If I were a combat soldier and in this war zone against current enemies, this decision would give me one mandate: I do not take prisoners anymore, no matter what.” (letter to the Editor, Wednesday, June 18).

As a combat soldier I wish to gods that those who do not understand what it is to kill another human would shut-up for good and quit their sabre rattling when it we that must carry the sword.  The taking of life is lead weight that you cant get out of your blood.  Its obvious that those like Mr Pilkington do not truly understand what they are saying when such generalizing statements as this are made.  Kill all enemy combatants? No matter what?

I can only shake my head in disbelief at the inexperienced, naive audacity of others who know not what war is to so carelessly thrust others into its chaotic play.  It is my hope that we move away from the politics of fear and toward realizing that vision of the country we can feel in our marrow.

We are the good guys (at least I feel we are) and as such we ought to hold ourselves to high standards.  That means giving trial to those in Gitmo.  That means no water-boarding.  That means not indiscriminately killing all combatants.  That also means owning up to our mistakes of the past, opening up the scrutiny of them being wrong (and ourselves being mislead or not) and moving on.

I am a conservative in that I hold that those values that make America truly America are to be cherished and guarded and defended.  I am liberal in that many of those ideals have not been adequately expressed yet and we’ve got a lot of change to go through in order to truly be that ‘city on the hill’.

Semper Fi
Eddie Black


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