mythic themes

I am looking forward to graduation.  Other than the Stat class that I must take again I need only a science lab class (I’ve signed up for an astronomy class) to graduate.  Yet I’m already looking ahead to getting out of college and having something called ‘time’. 

I’ll eventually hit graduate school.  It would be a shame and a waste (I think) if I weren’t to go.  Yet with my GPA as it is, I need a bit more than I’ve got.  Oh, my experience in ‘the world’ is  much more than the typical college student who finishes a four/five year degree and applies for a grad program.  Yet I need some practical application. But aside form this there is a pressing need for some intervention in preparatoin for the Oregon National Guard that is deploying overseas again.  I hope to either create or support systems in place that will strengthen the family support structures as well as improve an understanding of the mental stresses of deployment to combat. 

There is a lot there and it is wonderful that I have started a part time job on just such a project.  It allows me to surround myself with others working in this field which in turn sparks my on mental creativity.  With such a social connection I am better than were I alone. 

One thing I’d sincerely love to do is look into moving from my duties in infantry instruction and move into duties with Reintegration Team.  The need is great, my passion is high for this, and I’ve shown myself to be good at it. 

One of the things that has crossed my mind… well… not recently because its always been there, but I’ve started thinking of it even more lately, and that is heroic virtues.  I am speaking here of mythic tales of the Celts, the Norse, Germanic tribes, and others (certainly among tales in Africa and Asia as well).  I am referring to virtues other than those told to us in sunday school (humility and obedience).  No, I am referring to what Dr Brendan Myers refers to heroic virtues of action in a communal context.  The heroes of old were nothing if not heroic for their community.  One was to try to excel to be his/her best… but this best self was one that ultimately supported the community of which one was a member of.  This community, likewise, supported those heroes as integral parts.  It was impossible for the community to conceive of itself without the heroes as it was the heroes without the community. 

This mentality is somewhat missing.  I refer to it a little in my introduction that I wrote for a phot exhibit in that those civilians around us are encouraged to walk up to veterans and offer a handshake and/or a hug.  It was said that perhaps this is not enough.  Yet just this act, if taken by many, instills a sense of belonging to the community in the veteran and of ownership of the community. 

As part of this I return again to my notion of creating a volunteer organization for vets to give their energy to the community.  I got this idea while reading research on the negativity bias and thought that giving veterans opportunities to display percieved positive traits would have a balancing effect on their self perceptions particularly if they held damaging views of the self due to actions performed during combat. 

There is more, but even though I am jacked up on two rockstars, guauran, two coffees, and more… my mind is fuzzy right now and I need sleep.  I think I’ll take tomorrow to sleep and recouperate and prepare for the weekend to come.


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