It sounds odd to write this.  Perhaps a little (or a lot) on the self-centered side… but the past few days I’ve had a more constant awareness of the wonderful people who call themselves my friend.  I’m not always aware of it, that is, I’m not always in touch with my own gratitude for knowing these wonderful people.  I’m not so sure that I am even a good friend to them at times in that I am not always readily available as much as I’d like to be.  At times I am worlds away from all life on this planet though I might be in the next room. 

I’ve made a new friend and she is of wonderful character.  As I count myself lucky for this I get a message from another friend and I reflect on her admirable qualities as a human being.  Later, I meet up with another friend and am reminded by that person’s depth.  Out of the blue I (finally) see another friend that I’ve not seen in years.  Tonight I’ve reflected on those that I call my deep and most beloved of friends and they are all different in many ways, but they are all very much the same in that they are among the best people I’ve ever met… true examples of fierce hearts, devoted loves, integrity, passions, intellect, spunk, courage.  Hardship and loss has visited all of them at some time and yet every single one of them continues to live on.  No, not simply live… but they thrive!  Oh what wonderful constellations these stars make in the heavens.  I am so very fortunate to simply know them and to share some small part in their lives. 

And while I give thanks for having such wonderful people around me (even though they are spread around the world) I think on my own behaviors and times when I’ve been less.  How sorry I am that I’ve not done well by them at times or seeing only my self amidst a flurry of concerns and demands. 

Yet I am thankful for them and their love gives me strength.


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