From Lady Liberty to Her Troops

See you over the horizon there

storm clouds trouble skies once fair.

With faith in heart, sword in hand

you carry our prayers to distant lands.

Flanders Field, Montezuma’s Hall,

ever have you answered the call

to defend the weak, protect the small,

extending Justice and Liberty equally for all.

Though these ideals from higher be,

they must be earned, are never free.

The blood of patriots too often spilled

in cold, lonely, and desolate fields.

Yet cast your eyes to this torch held high

a beacon of freedom in the sky

our tribute to you is more than tears

nor huddle we from our fears

but grateful hearts and lives lived free

from purple mountains to shining sea

to you our love on winds shall fly

for country, family, and corps,

Semper Fi.

(March 6, 2003)

Someone had a boyfriend over in Iraq and asked me to write a poem on the spur of the moment.  So with pen and bar napkin I wrote this.


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