Don’t trouble yourself with large moral issues

from page 64 of “Fire in the Belly” , written by Sam Keen.  One of the unwritten rules of professional and corporate life:

Don’t trouble yourself with large moral issues.

The more the world is governed by experts, specialists, and professionals, the less anybody takes responsibility for the most troubling consequences of our success-failure.  Television producers crank out endless cop and killing tales, but refuse to consider their contribution to the climate of violence.  Lawyers concern themselves with what is legal, not what is just.  Physicians devote themselves to kidneys or hearts of individual patients while the health delivery system leaves masses without medicine.  Physicists invent new generations of genocidal weapons which they place in the eager arms of the military.  The military hands the responsibility for their use over to politicians.  Politicians plead that they have no choice- the enemy makes them do it.  Professors publish esoterica while students perish from poor teaching.  Foresters, in cahoots with timber companies, clear-cut or manage the forest for sustained yield, but nobody is in charge of oxygen regeneration.  Psychologists heal psyches while communities fall apart.  Codes of ethics are for the most part, like corporate advertisements, high soundings but self-serving.


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