Omnifocus and MindNode

Follow the link above.  It goes to a forum and there you’ll see, at the very first post, the following:
you see that file there?  It is an apple script file.  Download this.  Takes 1 second.
Open it up and you’ll see…
Click on the RUN button.
It will create an OPML file of your omnifocus tasks.  You can then ‘Open As’ and select any program you wish, such as an outlining program or the like.  That’s all fine and dandy… but I did this to get the mind map program.  There are a variety out there, such as iThoughts, but I use MindNode Pro.  it is simpler and doesn’t do all the bells and whistles, only what I want my mind map to do.
The result it this:
This is the zoomed out version on my Mac.  You can zoom in:
In other words it gave me a mind map of all my projects and tasks in OmniFocus.
And I can open this up on my iPad and by pushing and holding down on a button it will open up the task in OmniFocus.
Dude… I am totally geeking out on this right now.  This is better than porn.

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