Mindmap of a veteran mindset

I employ a host of tools to help me get ideas out of my head and somewhere where I can see them, work with them, use them.

Currently I am looking at barriers to treatment for veterans with mental health issues.  There are a lot resources available but the number one is stigma.  Unfortunately, stigma doesn’t go away with putting up posters, especially if those poster are contrary to the actual values of an organization.

Here is a first rough draft of a mindmap.  It is missing things, such as institutional barriers and so forth.  But I am mainly looking at the cultural and individual values that hinder a veteran seeking treatment.

Because this is a rough draft it is a bit sketchy, and could easily be received by some as highly offensive.  I do not mean to be and I will also state that these are my own ideas and not any sort of institutionalized value system or explicit values given out by the Department of Defense.

Military Mindset


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