Mission Statement time

It is time that I review my mission statement, that declaration of values and goals that should help guide me. I’ve been giving more thought to this as of late, and am drafting one for my department as our guiding principles. But time to do this for myself as well.

Here are some old ones that I have had in the past.


To ever keep the
Sacred in my heart,
Laughter in my voice,
Wisdom in my mind,
Peace in my steps,
Depth in my breath,
Adventure in my legs,
Readiness in my arms,
Principle in my stature,
Friendship on my shoulders,
and to add a howl to the short night given to me.

This sounded nice… but it didn’t really get me anywhere.


I will finish my college degree:
College opens now doors for success.

I am honest and filled with integrity:
Integrity is the key to success.

I will live with belief in myself and in others:
Treat people by potential.

I will not make excuses or blame others:
Responsibility is to be fairly placed with integrity.

At work I want to establish an enriching environment:
The best way to succeed is to help others succeed.

I am driven by values:
Daily focused effort and revisits to mission.

This one worked well for me. It kept me thinking about going back to college. It also was a reminder at times to slow my thinking when I wanted to be defensive or attack someone, or write someone off as unteachable.


I will act with integrity in all situations.

I will be honest with (partner) and share my self with zer; because ze is my partner with whom I am sharing my life.

I will remember the steadiness of my father in discipline, responsibility, family, and principles.

I will seek what is beautiful in things and encourage only that which is so.

I will make my principles a foundation for my self, and my self a foundation to those around me.

I will ever honor the mystery of life.

Liberty is the ability to choose and to fully be able to choose is to do so wisely and without restrictions and influences. I will.

I will keep things simple and remember the rhythms of life.

I will ever keep questioning as essential to learning.

I will remember that I am living for me and not a job.

I will seek out Just responses for actions.

I will not forget that others are blind, as I am.

So it has been 9 years since I’ve written out a mission statement. I’ve made more than these 3 (these are the only ones I can find). It was a yearly thing as I was all about Stephen Covey’s books and the planners and would leaf through the catalogue and gaze upon the fancy (overpriced) pages within.

So I will mull this over and create one again and perhaps frame it on my wall.


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