Sin: Christians and Pagans

warning: do not read this if you are Christian.

I say this because there are some people that I know and love who truly try to practice the Christian faith. There are others who lead a life of gluttony, selfishness, violence, and bigotry and try to claim religious exception. They are unlike their Christ in every way.

What is sin?

An immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

There is a lot of billboards out there espousing that we are living in sin, that the wages of sin is death and that something must die because of sin. If we understand the universe by certain laws that cannot be broken under any circumstances. Not even the Christian God, Jehovah, can break this law… that sin leads to death.

What is divine law?

“Sin is the breaking of God’s law. If God says ”Do not lie“ and you lie, then you have broken His law and sinned. When you sin, you offend God because it is His law that you have broken. Also, the reason God says to not lie, not cheat, etc., is because these laws reflect the moral purity of His nature. Therefore, the Law is a reflection of the character of God. It is wrong to lie because God cannot lie. It is wrong to steal because God cannot steal, etc. The moral law is not arbitrary. It is based on God’s holiness.” What is Sin?

Did you catch this? Jehovah equals moral purity and that acting out of disobediance of his proclamations is sin.

Jehovah is a jealous god! Is jealousy moral purity? One of the results of nations discussing warfare is the recognition that certain actions are supposedly beyond the rights of nations to do and are classified war crimes, such as the targeting of civilians and innocent non-combatants. While we humans are able to come to these values on our own, Jehovah has killed not just armies, but entire populations of cities, regions, and the entire world. Basically put, Jehovah is a tribal deity that does as much evil in the world as he does good. Although, now that I think of it… I cannot think of any good he did. There is nothing pure about Jehohah and the only reason that it is supposed to be pure is that, over the centuries, his followers have added more powers to him. Also, where he used to be merely a tribal war deity surrounded by other tribes with their own war deities, his followers have assumed monotheism upon him. Thus Jehovah is the ne plus ultra not because of actual qualities of excellence but because he is the only game in town.

Sin is a condition set into the basic philosophy of the Christian as not being worthy and asking for forgiveness. Though they may be Christian, Jesus is really the arbiter for the judgment of Jehovah who has the final say in matter. To be fully Christian is to be fully humble and submissive to the mysterious workings and jealousies of Jesus and also Jehovah.

Again, I make the claim there is nothing excellent in the qualities shown by the god of the Old Testament.

But wait… there is the story of Jehovah sending his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. First, this is the retelling of self sacrificing of gods. But second, and again, this reaffirms that not even Jehovah can transgress the law that sin (disobedience) equals death. What this is really saying is that a Christian should be, above all else submissive.

I am not interested in sin. I’m not interested in the Bible. I am quite content to let Christians live their lives within their religion, though many Christians do not act out of love it seems. I’m calling you out on your hypocrisy.

Jehovah is not my god, and there were other people. Instead I do not have this relationship which is eerily similar to a domestic abuse batter with the abuse and control. Pagan gods are often ridiculed by true believers for being petty and flawed without seeing how these also describe Jehovah. Central to a Pagan’s relationship to the gods is the notion of co-creation. Basically put is, sure you can be boring, petty, disatisfied… or you can get off your ass and do something about it. The gods help those who help themselves and it isn’t a Pagan attitude to beg and whine. Our’s is a heritage of warriors and wildmen who lived within a very real world that would eat you for breakfast. We strive to excel in virtues of heroic stature, to be worthy of an ideal, such as Valhalla.

Don’t get stuch on the word worthy, Christians are flawed and are worthy when they are forgiven… Pagans are flawed and are worthy when they are heroic. Ask the next preacher if you can get into Heaven by being heroic, doing great deeds, or being a really awesome person. Nope. Now ask a Pagan if Odin will allow you into Valhalla because you asked him to forgive you for being a flawed human being. Nope.

I contend that inherent within the Christian philosophy is a sense of helplessness and within Pagan philosohpy is more resilient in that one meets each day head-on. Ya gotta lace up your boots, grab your spear and magic helmet, and smite that wabbit!


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