I am against the Tea Party

I am against the Tea Party. I do have some friends that are sympathetic towards it. And in all due respect to them as the great people they are, they have been hoodwinked. The Tea Party is not an ideology, but rather a clever marketing schemed cooked up and funded by the likes of the insidious Koch Brothers, two people whom I have nothing but distaste for. People believe that they belong to a grassroots organization, but it is not that at all. It was created for a purpose. That purpose? To make the Government inept.

There are people who truly believe in some of the expressed values of the Tea Party and, believing themselves part of a movement, are pouring their heart and energy into it. Again, they’ve been hoodwinked. I have no respect for the Tea Party at all. Zero. Zilch. I do, however, have respect for Libertarians and their close relatives, Anarchists, but they are at least an ideology and not puppets of the corporate aristocracy that is pulling their strings.

Currently the US Government is shut down because the House of Representatives, with a GOP majority, is unable to do anything that might anger the small, fanatic, extremist, ideaologues of the Tea Party. Instead of operating from principles of virtue, of family and patriotism, of community and service, of justice and longevity, the GOP has turned into people who have a nebulous and very dangerous concept of what a ‘conservative’ is. It is very much like a religious cult in that if one must adequately conservative. If that person does action A or B, then they are nolonger a conservative at all. And what is more, as the Tea Party is showing, is that the goalline of definition of ‘true conservativism’ is moving further and further to the right. Conservativism has ceased completely at ‘slow as she goes’ and ‘no sudden changes’ and ‘tradition matters’ but instead about perpetuating a set of values that are inherently hostile to anyone not of a white, Christian, Capitalist, rich group. The NeoCon movement started the break with holding onto tradition and instituted much change. They started the trend that fast change is okay if it is in accordance with the values of the group and the Tea Party is exploiting the strategy.

While we wait to see if the two sides can come to terms and negotiate an end to the government shutdown, we assume that all sides want it to be successful. But the Tea Party doesn’t want it to succeed at all. The Tea Party has no interest whatsoever of seeing the US Government operate efficiently or well. Listen to the rhetoric from talk radio at any hour of the day. They bemoan, constantly and always, that any and all Government programs are a waste and innefectual, that privitization is the answer. This is their plan. They have somewhat successfully framed the argument that it is government running your lives and that freedom is to go the way of the corporation.

Frankly this is bullshit. What is the role of government? At the risk of sounding repetitive, it is to ‘govern’, meaning that it is where a society, or group of people, come together and decide what common rules to follow. If someone is doing a piss poor job of this, more concerned with posturing than actually working (Ted Cruz, you pompous idiot), then we, the people, send someone else to go and do the job. If the Government isn’t to do the job, who will do it? Who will set down laws that you cannot dump chemicals into watersystems? Give risky drugs to kids? Fire someone because they are black/female/gay/muslim? Corporations, that’s who. Who runs the corporations? Fewer and fewer people as they are consolodated more and more into the hands of fewer and fewer.

But if you so much as try to point this out to anyone you’ll be attacked with name-calling of ‘socialist’ and ‘communist’ and ’anti-‘Merican’ and so on. First, 99% of the time the people who are yelling these insults cannot truly define what a socialist or communist is. And second, this is an Ad Hominem attack that still does not address the argument raised, which is that there is too much power in the hands of corporations in the US. Remember the days of monopolies and railroad barons in the US history class? Do you know what fascism is? Do you recognize the militarization of police power in the US? And do you also recognize that law is not the same as justice, that corporations have been afforded equal protection under our ‘law’. And put this into a system where we have 2 underlying themes, first that profit is the highest good, and second, that we should abolish government for corporate control.

I am anti Tea Party because THIS is what they are truly about because THIS is what its true founders intend for it to be. If you are pro Tea Party, then I ask that if there is some portion of its system you believe in then to find another system and support it (Libertarians for one) and recognize that you’ve been duped. Or, if not this, then you are obviously sympathetic to the real, anti-government aspects of it, of which I cannot abide.

Remember this thing called ‘Semper Fi’? I swore my allegiance to the Constitution and its government… not to the power of corporations trying to tear it apart.


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