Pork Trash

I try not to do things I don’t want to, and if I have to do something I try to delegate it or automate it. Cooking, for the most part is the same. I’d rather be reading or playing guitar than cook something. But I have to eat and protein shakes are not all they’re cracked up to be. So, besides the occasional meal that I go all out for, I like to streamline it as much as possible.

Fortunately the Paleo diet helps in this. When I go shopping I basically stay out of the middle of the store, hang around the edges, and buy a lot of meats and vegetables. The hard part (for me, as I’m learning) is finding good sources of fat (avocados, coconut) and such.

I also like to cook 99.9% of everything in one stovetop iron skillet. The other 0.01 percent is when I bake bacon, which is faster and I can cook more at a time. I also like to cook batches that I can then divvy up for another day or two (leftovers).

Today I had 16 ounces of ground pork (grass fed, no growth hormones, organic). So I decided to make some ‘trash’, which is just what I call it when I take whatever is in the refrigerator and toss it together in a skillet. Easy, no thinking, just mix it and eat.


After I cooked this, I cooked a large broccoli head in a tbs of Irish butter.


After this was cooked, I cooked a red bell pepper and Italian squash with a couple tbs of Coconut oil.


When it was all done I added a very liberal sprinkling of himalayan salt. Seriously… don’t eat the white stuff that comes in the cardboard. Not the same.



I divided it up into a serving for now, and 3 servings for later.



Looking at the nutritional data, my lunch today is 400 calories.


Proportionately it is a little high on the fat, I’ll tweak the coconut oil that I used (because the butter on the broccoli was amazing).



But overall, not a bad lunch for just throwing something together.



I’ll save this one as part of my regular meals. It comes out to around $4 per meal, most of which is the grass fed organic pork that I used. But the taste was great, and it is MUCH BETTER for you in the long run.



2 thoughts on “Pork Trash

  1. am currently reading and working with ‘Eat to Live’ by Joel Fuhrman, MD…he focuses on nutrient density of foods…nuts are good source of fat…great info even if you don’t want to or need to follow his food plan…some good recipes too…so glad you are taking good care of yourself…that meal looks delicious!!

  2. A trick my mom taught me is to buy a large amount of ground meat and cook it all up at once, portion it out in ziplock bags and freeze it. Quick grab out of the freezer and throw it into whatever you need it for. Since it is already cooked it cuts on time and is easy.

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