I had Friday off. I did my 06:00 CrossFit workout, went home and made coffee, and goofed off on the computer a bit. I checked on projects, emails, calendars, and then made my way to WordPress. I have 20% of what I’ve journaled in my life on the computer. Prior to discovering Livejournal I filled up […]

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Why I Run Marathons

… for a split second. Gripping the tree trunk I slowly stood up. I wouldn’t make my goal of 4 hours, but I wouldn’t quit. I would finish. Perhaps I could still set a new PR (which is 4:09). It wasn’t over yet, neither was I. Though it hurt, though I didn’t know where I was going to get the strength to keep going, I knew that my tank was not yet empty. There was more left and I intended to mine the depths of what I had.

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John Cleese on Creativity

I took some notes on the video while I watched it. It isn’t word for word. Enjoy. YouTube video of John Cleese lecture on creativity Creativity is not a talent. It isn’t something that you either have or you don’t. It is unrelated to IQ. Those regarded as “most creative” were not different in IQ […]

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environmental ethics: is it immoral for the last human to cut the last redwood?

I took Environmental Ethics to better understand the reasons for man’s behavior in relation to the natural environment. Yet as Hill’s question of ‘what sort of person would destroy the natural environment?’ had been brought up in class, I had agreed with the question raised of whether this was indeed the fundamental question. For to […]

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Parent Lottery

I’ve downloaded a book recently into my iBooks. The Last Lecture: Legacy Edition and I am just beginning it. It is is a good read thus far but I had to stop for a moment and think about my own dad. You see the author makes the point that he won the parent lottery and […]

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If God Was Dead Then Everything Would Be Permitted

God as rule giver is therefor a primary problem in the modern moral discourse. God does not exist (or cannot be proved one way or another). Whether God exists or not is beside the point for there isn’t anything to which it has been shown that can be the ultimate arbitrator in matters of morality. Whether this is God, or a Law of Nature (which such an informed morality might entail the strong eating the weak, a predator/prey relationship), or something else is of no use to us. In all of these systems, God included, everything is permitted precisely because everything that can be imagined can be attributed to an imagined system of ethics.

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23 days

I sit in the dark utterly grateful for my life. It is the most sublime happiness. The memory of contemplated suicide in the past seems as the greatest of waste of the most amazing occurence ever… I exist.

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