I’m trying to get into a habit of short writing exercises where I just free-form anything that comes to mind. I started out with the first sentence and went from there. The squirrels leapt from the limb. With wild abandon they gave their fates to the wind. They didn’t know what was to happen in […]

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The Mustangs in My Life

You can’t beat driving this car. It isn’t the fastest, though it’s got guts. It isn’t the most responsive, though it can hug a corner plenty well. But it glides down the road, it purrs enough without trying to sound brash. I enjoy the hell out of it. It is a convertible and the rules are ‘if it is 50 degree or above, and it isn’t raining, the top comes down’. I’ve driven to the office, picked up a company car, drive 5 hours to give training, turn around and drive back, bone tired and weary, and as soon as I sit in my Mustang, it melts away. It’s all good.

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Together apart

How many times has she sat in this very cafe with books and flower vases and espresso, blessing each in turn, cherishing them like momentary fireflies in the summer. And here they were, revolting against her happiness, sabotaging the possibility of her most secret dream… to know his smell mixed with the secret language of the moon.

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The fox, the dog, and the chicken.

He knew what dead chickens meant… dead foxes. Whenever a chicken died, whether it was because they themselves fell into a long forgotten well, or a kid shot one with a bb gun and hid the body, it was always the fox that was blamed without any seeking any evidence to support the claim. Young offspring were indocrinated in this blatant speciesm with wild propoganda about foxes and hen houses.

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The Troll

Things were not going according to plan. James cursed his luck and pulled the collar of his coat tighter around his neck, trying in vain to hide from the biting wind. He tried to look around, but his eyes kept filling up with tears. The landscape was a dreary grey and snow was falling. He […]

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Final Entry for Journalworks……December 5, 95 A retrospective look at what I’ve learned and about myself and my surroundings. This was intially thought to be an easily accomplishable task when I first read the Journaworks sheet. I am now pondering on what exactly did I learn if anything at all. I suppose I could say […]