Apple Maps on iOS 10 Beta

I love Apple maps. I’m not a tech blogger, and most of the stuff I write here is really just for me as I try to figure out my life. But I can’t help myself with this… I love what they did with maps on the new iOS 10 beta. And don’t even get me […]

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Switching to more traditional OmniFocus contexts

I found that the contexts really were arbitrary. There were some things that I can do best when I’m fresh, have coffee and time (thinking)… but working as much as I work… this is a pipe dream to wait for that golden moment to come by. Much of my day was in the **zombie** state. Even though I was tired, I still had to do prep for a brief or presentation. The contexts became, and stayed (though I tried mightily to keep it from doing so) the equivalent of the writer who never writes anything because ze is waiting for **inspiration** to strike. I know, this was me. It was out of necessity that I would pull out my iPhone while sitting in a theater waiting for a concert to begin and begin typing out a rough draft for an article I was working on. It wasn’t because I was in any energy level.

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Why Papers is Freaking Awesome

I wish this program had existed earlier in my college career, and that I had known about it earlier. Papers, by Mekentosj, is pretty freaking awesome. I used to have to carry around a stack of photocopied research articles. I don’t remember what my library copy budget was at the University of Houston, but I spent a lot. Kids today have it easy, they can go online and download electronic copies. In my day we had to walk uphill in the snow to find a journal (if the college subscribed to it) and wait your turn at the photocopier, print it, staple it, and then you had to carry around a stack in your backpack. If you want to share with someone, you had to make more copies.

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Taking Notes in Meetings with Ghostwriter and Evernote

But there are times when I still need to handwrite. David Sparks made this point quite well in MPU episode 100 in that some people are put off by someone typing in a meeting, but are not bothered by someone handwriting. I’ve found this to be true in some instances. However there is another reason why handwriting is better, and that is I must use more of my attention in listening when engaged in a psychological mode where I have to pay attention to little details of a person’s body language, emotional expressions, words, etc…

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