She blinded me with science

I attended three nights of Shakespeare recently thanks to a generous gift. It was really a highlight of my year to say the least. I love Shakespeare and will reread the play the day of and then watch it that night. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s rendition of Love’s Labour’s Lost was the best I’ve seen. […]

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Back in the 90’s I was stationed in Tennessee for a few months where I was learning the basics of aircraft electrical systems. We had four-man rooms and every floor had a communal “head”, aka, a bathroom. There were toilet stalls on one side, sinks and mirrors on the other, and a large open room […]

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Can’t sleep and some thoughts hit me. Since I’m already up I can either let them spin around for hours and keep me awake, or I can quickly jot them down and then go to bed. Not sure where to start, but I’ll lead off with this… I hate people Okay, I don’t really. I […]

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The Green Man

I recently attended Faerieworlds in Oregon. I’ve gone several years now and this was the first year that I started with the opening circle dance and finished with the last act, camping out the entire weekend. I loved it. I always do, but this time was different. It was at Hornings Hideout, lots of trees […]

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If the glove fits

A couple of weekends ago I was had the opportunity to open the windows to Spring, make some black coffee, and sit with a few books. I have stacks of them around my apartment. When I get into a mood I will let my interest wa/onder where it may, weaving from archetypal mythology to gender […]

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I had Friday off. I did my 06:00 CrossFit workout, went home and made coffee, and goofed off on the computer a bit. I checked on projects, emails, calendars, and then made my way to WordPress. I have 20% of what I’ve journaled in my life on the computer. Prior to discovering Livejournal I filled up […]

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I’m trying to get into a habit of short writing exercises where I just free-form anything that comes to mind. I started out with the first sentence and went from there. The squirrels leapt from the limb. With wild abandon they gave their fates to the wind. They didn’t know what was to happen in […]

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The Mustangs in My Life

You can’t beat driving this car. It isn’t the fastest, though it’s got guts. It isn’t the most responsive, though it can hug a corner plenty well. But it glides down the road, it purrs enough without trying to sound brash. I enjoy the hell out of it. It is a convertible and the rules are ‘if it is 50 degree or above, and it isn’t raining, the top comes down’. I’ve driven to the office, picked up a company car, drive 5 hours to give training, turn around and drive back, bone tired and weary, and as soon as I sit in my Mustang, it melts away. It’s all good.

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Watching from afar

Mirth and joy flutter in my heart and my fingertips remember the softness of intimacies of embraces of the past. It is a gift to be so close, welcomed in, invited into a fierce tenderness outlasting granite and steel. Longingly I dare to imagine the quivering moment when submitting lips push back in earnest exploration. […]

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