Meaning in military deployment

Granted this is written in 2001, prior to so many things happening in psychology and military deployment. I am hopeful that I will be accepted into a graduate program where I can again obtain access to research articles and see what new developments have occurred. But in the meantime, what struck me the most in this article is the influence of Contextual Experience. “The results revealed that soldiers who reported little contextual experience reported fewer benefits of the deployment”.

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A fault with Creationism

You can call it ‘truth’ all you wish… but it doesn’t make it so. Truth is not merely an emotional state of certainty… there are schizophrenics who are absolutely sure that bugs are crawling under their skin, or the dog is talking to them, but this does not make it true. There are people who are absolutely sure, feeling deep conviction, that their government is corrupt or noble, and this conviction does not mean that it is true. Conviction does not equal knowledge. The streets are filled with firmly convinced people of ignorance.

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Abortion and a Just World

This fear that someone will *get over* on the *system* is fueled by the very real *lack of belief* in the system itself. Because the person believes a little in the BJW system, but not 100%, that seed of doubt is enough to spur them to *take matters in their own hands* and create laws to restrict the healthier options. I wish some of the desire for action would spur these individuals to being at least a little bit compassionate toward the poor. But it is easier to think that both *sluts get pregnant* and *lazy people are on welfare* than it is to look at each case as it is and, at the very least, ask *how would Jesus act if He were standing before this person this very minute?*

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I am against the Tea Party

I am against the Tea Party. I do have some friends that are sympathetic towards it. And in all due respect to them as the great people they are, they have been hoodwinked. The Tea Party is not an ideology, but rather a clever marketing schemed cooked up and funded by the likes of the […]

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On the Paula Deen scandal

1: She is annoying as hell to listen to. I get addicted to cooking shows but cannot stand to watch her. 2: I don’t confuse annoying with evil. 3: What she did was wrong. It isn’t her past use of the ‘N-word’ in the past that bothers me. In the South this is normal speak […]

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Mac kills PC in so many areas. I find that my workflow crashes to a halt when I have to go into the office and use their Windows systems. I hesitated in downloading any Microsoft programs onto my Mac because I don’t like anything about them, how they are organized. Even using Excel, which is […]

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passing thoughts

I turned on the t.v. yesterday and saw the whole Imus story about his references to the Rutger’s womens basketball team.  I didn’t think I’d agree with the dumbass known as Al Sharpton, but he was correct regarding Imus.  What a complete dumbass.  Are you telling me that he didn’t know better?  That with the […]

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craigslist rant on Iraq

Looking around Craigslist (Portland) on the Rant and Raves section I see a lot of post by liberal and conservative about the Iraq war.  Lots of name calling, lots of stupidity on both sides.  So I replied a short reply. Reply to: Date: 2006-06-01, 4:16PM PDT Going to college at U of O when […]

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