Happiness and virtue

I am rereading Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy and 1/2 through it I am getting bored with it. I’m not opposed to the use of God as a prime mover or original cause, or ultimate form, or the like. These are hardly new and like statements are found from Plato to Aristotle to Spinoza to […]

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Always Ready. Always There.

When I was an active duty Marine in the early nineties, I would look down upon the reserves. They weren’t real military. They were weekend warriors. They were nasty civilians that couldn’t hack the military and every once in a while they put on BDU’s and pretend to be soldiers. A year after I left […]

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What’s with Positive Psychology?

I read from a variety of sources and it is often the case that someone will write about Positive Psychology as being “focused on positive thoughts” as though thinking positive will make you happy. A cursory glance in our direction could lead the person to assume that our field is concerned with making happy people […]

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Pork Trash

I try not to do things I don’t want to, and if I have to do something I try to delegate it or automate it. Cooking, for the most part is the same. I’d rather be reading or playing guitar than cook something. But I have to eat and protein shakes are not all they’re […]

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Runners Try

I’m a runner. More specifically, I am a marathoner. Like some marathoners, I look at my runs as where they fit in regards to a training plan. Is it a short run? A long run? A pace run? A speed run? A drill? In the three months leading up to a marathon my seriousness hits […]

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