Mac kills PC in so many areas. I find that my workflow crashes to a halt when I have to go into the office and use their Windows systems. I hesitated in downloading any Microsoft programs onto my Mac because I don’t like anything about them, how they are organized. Even using Excel, which is […]

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Last night we got a late hit in the bar and I wasn’t able to get out as soon as I’d like.  But I eventually got out of the bar and got home, fed the cats, and changed into some clothes.   I grabbed some tea lights and some incense and took off for a spot […]

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Full Moon

Full Moon and I went to the area that I had planned on going to, and further.  The map showed a three road intersection. Such being a place for Hecate, I went there.  I lit my candles in a circle, gave some milk and bread, and a pomegranite I cut into three pieces.  I thought […]

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