Do the work

I use running as a metaphor for a lot of things. So I’ll start here with another one. For some reason it was on my list of things to do to run a marathon. Not sure where I got this idea or why. I think that it might have been a thought along the lines […]

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Traffic is my yoga (or Marcus Aurelius in a Mustang)

I might not have been ready for my car five years ago. But doing the work, meditating regularly, viewing difficulties as opportunities to develop my best self, realizing that I am not the center of the universe and that others have their own interests also, has helped prepare me for this car. Now I *can* drive my car, enjoying the experience, being energized by it, instead of the other way around.

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Meaning in military deployment

Granted this is written in 2001, prior to so many things happening in psychology and military deployment. I am hopeful that I will be accepted into a graduate program where I can again obtain access to research articles and see what new developments have occurred. But in the meantime, what struck me the most in this article is the influence of Contextual Experience. “The results revealed that soldiers who reported little contextual experience reported fewer benefits of the deployment”.

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Mac kills PC in so many areas. I find that my workflow crashes to a halt when I have to go into the office and use their Windows systems. I hesitated in downloading any Microsoft programs onto my Mac because I don’t like anything about them, how they are organized. Even using Excel, which is […]

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From Lady Liberty to Her Troops

See you over the horizon there storm clouds trouble skies once fair. With faith in heart, sword in hand you carry our prayers to distant lands. Flanders Field, Montezuma’s Hall, ever have you answered the call to defend the weak, protect the small, extending Justice and Liberty equally for all. Though these ideals from higher […]

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Remembering the cost

She thanked me, blessed me as grandmothers do, and turned and walked away. I turned and stoically walked to a nearby corner of the store, the electronics department, and pretended to look at some uninteresting equipment in the corner. Inside my heart ached for this woman and her loss and her pain and I cried four brief tears for her before shutting down my emotions. I was in uniform.

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trauma- masculinity and war

I did some reading from Chapter 3 Disconnection  of the book Trauma and Recovery and had to get up and go out for a walk.  Too much to sit still I had to allow myself some sort of anchor when dealing with the themes of this book. In talking about symptoms of PTSD and veterans […]

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