Mac kills PC in so many areas. I find that my workflow crashes to a halt when I have to go into the office and use their Windows systems. I hesitated in downloading any Microsoft programs onto my Mac because I don’t like anything about them, how they are organized. Even using Excel, which is […]

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From Lady Liberty to Her Troops

See you over the horizon there storm clouds trouble skies once fair. With faith in heart, sword in hand you carry our prayers to distant lands. Flanders Field, Montezuma’s Hall, ever have you answered the call to defend the weak, protect the small, extending Justice and Liberty equally for all. Though these ideals from higher […]

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letter to the editor

I had a rough day yesterday.  I feel better today.  I go to a coffee shop and sit down with a bottle of water, a coke in a glass bottle, and a mocha, and pick up the Letters to the Editor page of the paper. There is this… Liberal policies imperil U.S.   I read […]

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spreading the word

SSG Eddie Black’s remarkable message Posted by Mike Francis, The Oregonian April 13, 2008 12:09PM Categories: Oregon National Guard, Veterans issues Download file I had the pleasure of hearing recently from SSG Eddie Black, who was deployed to FOB Volunteer with the 2/162 in 2004-05. As you’ll see when you read his message after the […]

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Reagan in the morning

I like to get up a couple of hours early so that I can read the news, read from a book, or just gather my thoughts.  I do not like to get up and hurry off to work.  I feel cheated if I do.  This morning I’ve read a little from Reagan: A Life in […]

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A letter from my beloved

I got an email from my baby yesterday. She had written me a few days earlier and said that she had a thought about me and autumn and she thought that I might like to hear about it. I told her that I would love to read about it. A couple of days went by […]

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letter to my sister

Sis, Back in the middle of December I got a call from a guy who owns a construction company in southern Oregon. He had bought a strip club in Eugene four months ago and his manager left for California. I had worked with the owner before when he did the construction at the club I […]

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