Mac kills PC in so many areas. I find that my workflow crashes to a halt when I have to go into the office and use their Windows systems. I hesitated in downloading any Microsoft programs onto my Mac because I don’t like anything about them, how they are organized. Even using Excel, which is […]

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Battlestar Galactica rocks

Seriously… Battlestar Glactica is the best series on.  I love my CSI, it is true, but none of the CSI’s have come close to the many elements and conflicts in the Battlestar Galactica series.  The writers of that show have done a great job. I’ve downloaded season 1 on iTunes and am a few episodes deep […]

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Books and Movies

swiped from jazzyjupiter  Total number of books owned:  About four hundred.    The last book you bought:  Book two of “The War of the Spider Queen”      The last book I read:  The Fountainhead by Ann Rand   Five books that mean a lot to you:            Legacy of Luna by […]

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