letter to the editor

I had a rough day yesterday.  I feel better today.  I go to a coffee shop and sit down with a bottle of water, a coke in a glass bottle, and a mocha, and pick up the Letters to the Editor page of the paper. There is this… Liberal policies imperil U.S.   I read […]

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I am watching the pregame show for Da Bears to play the Saints.  They show the two coaches and ask them questions and both show class and character.  They go back to the announcers and Joe Buck says that “should the Bears win today it will be the first time an African-American has coached in […]

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ecology of politics

I am reading about the Pacific Yew, a small tree or large bush, that is very shade tolerant and very slow growing; a hundred year old tree will have only a 16 inch trunk.  This tree contains minute trace amounts of Taxol that is being studied for cancer treatment.  It takes many tons of bark […]

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letter to paper

It is too large for them to print. Maybe I’ll edit it later. Here is a letter and commentary I sent to the local paper. I am in the National Guard and have been deployed by this country twice in conflict overseas. I love this country and, if need be, will give my blood for […]

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I’ve got just a few minutes before work and I am skimming through a portion of the book “Ecopsychology”.  page 24: “The idea of a sick society is not new.  Bernard Frank, Karl Menninger, and Erich Fromm are among those who have addressed it.  Sigmund Freud ask, “if the development of civilization has such a far-reaching […]

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Black Reparations

I used to be pretty liberal.  I was for the helping of minorities through the affirmative action program.  However, over time I began to understand that these programs sometimes reward mediocrity by giving the contract/job to some of lesser ability soley due to race.  A job/contract should be given to someone/company solely because of their […]

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