Do the work

I use running as a metaphor for a lot of things. So I’ll start here with another one. For some reason it was on my list of things to do to run a marathon. Not sure where I got this idea or why. I think that it might have been a thought along the lines […]

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Running in a what?

I started running marathons when I was 39. Before then I rarely ran, if ever. I did a marathon because it was on my bucket list of things to do. I’ve logged a lot of miles over the years and really started to hit my stride in the last 2 years. Oddly, it wasn’t until […]

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Runners Try

I’m a runner. More specifically, I am a marathoner. Like some marathoners, I look at my runs as where they fit in regards to a training plan. Is it a short run? A long run? A pace run? A speed run? A drill? In the three months leading up to a marathon my seriousness hits […]

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Why I Run Marathons

… for a split second. Gripping the tree trunk I slowly stood up. I wouldn’t make my goal of 4 hours, but I wouldn’t quit. I would finish. Perhaps I could still set a new PR (which is 4:09). It wasn’t over yet, neither was I. Though it hurt, though I didn’t know where I was going to get the strength to keep going, I knew that my tank was not yet empty. There was more left and I intended to mine the depths of what I had.

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Running in the dark

Darkness can mean safety but also a different perspective. All the things you miss in the light, all the things you skip over in your hurry, all the things you focus on (because you are blind to its essential nature… ironic in the light) you begin to pick up on in the dark. It is in the dark that we begin to percieve (instead of only seeing) the things around you… the things within you.

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