Thank-You Card

I met a therapist at a convention I had given a presentation about military culture. Recently we spent a few hours in a cafe discussing points about military culture and barriers to healing. I loved it, a chance to discuss ideas and hopefully shed some light on some of our inner struggles we veterans sometimes face when undergoing therapy. Recently I got a ‘thank you’ note in the mail which prompted a reply.

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A walk in the dark

Tonight was very slow in the bar. Memorial Day weekend and the State Fair going on. So I let the other bartender close and I went home. I stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked up a few books, but then I put them back down and came home. I did not buy a book. […]

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shit… I need a drink

Rarely do I turn to alchol for soothing.  I can recall individual episodes in the past two decades when I needed a drink.  I am going to make one now. I’ve written, and I’ve told my therapist, about times when the feeling comes over me that I am close to falling apart into a million […]

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