In my reading tonight I come upon a broader discussion of the psychological act of projection. It isn’t necessarily new to me as journal entries from the late 90’s have speculation about Synchronicity and projection. Yet this is a pleasant reminder to me. As a witch, a psychologist, a human being I ought to give […]

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Ahura Mazda

The philosophical question of the existence of evil, stemming from the position of patriarchal dualism in it’s very long history and influenced so very long ago by the Hebrews’ influenced by the dichotomy of good/evil is cast into entirely different light if not rid alltogether if on resorts to a reverence of the sacred Goddess. […]

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The fish

So many have the symbol of the fish on the back of their car. I wonder how many know of it’s meaning? What an interesting conversation with someone who did know I could have. Would that we had more of those types around. The great teachings of Christ would be better served. Posted via

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