Back in the 90’s I was stationed in Tennessee for a few months where I was learning the basics of aircraft electrical systems. We had four-man rooms and every floor had a communal “head”, aka, a bathroom. There were toilet stalls on one side, sinks and mirrors on the other, and a large open room […]

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I went on a hike a few weeks ago. It was a bright, crisp day, and the colors of Spring were vibrant. I felt energized just by being outside in the forest. The trails, cutting through the trees, were clear and contrasted with the surrounding rushes and grasses. While I was free to go in […]

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Wolf Dream

It was a couple of nights ago, perhaps a week. But I had a dream early in the morning where I went into a deep forest. It was twilight, not fully night or day. I’m uncertain if it was dawn, or dusk, or perhaps actually midday and the depth of the wood made it dark, […]

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The Green Man

I recently attended Faerieworlds in Oregon. I’ve gone several years now and this was the first year that I started with the opening circle dance and finished with the last act, camping out the entire weekend. I loved it. I always do, but this time was different. It was at Hornings Hideout, lots of trees […]

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Mac kills PC in so many areas. I find that my workflow crashes to a halt when I have to go into the office and use their Windows systems. I hesitated in downloading any Microsoft programs onto my Mac because I don’t like anything about them, how they are organized. Even using Excel, which is […]

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A good walk

I’ve taken two walks on two different days. The day before I was watching t.v. and reading “Practical Celtic Magic” by Murry Hope and got the urge to go into the woods… so I up and drove 45 minutes to the Tillamook State Forest and went on a three hour hike. A short one. I […]

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a witch alone

Page 165 of the book “Flow”… The Conflict Betwen Being Alone and Being With Others: Of the things that frighten us, the fear of being left out of the flow of human interaction is certainly one of th worst. …. In many preliterate cultures solitude is thought to be so intolerable that a person makes […]

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the self

There is a great sythesis of many things occuring right now. My past year, years, of activities and readings and adventures have brought me full circle into fields with fresh eyes and deepened perspectives.  The classes that I’ve signed up for at PSU are both connected to each other and what I am already moving […]

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